Monday, September 29, 2008

a new start

here we are at a new start. Always intoxicating, a new start. Like the idea of leaving everything behind you and taking only what you can carry and a guitar and striking off into the woods. A lovely thought, but then you think about how the North Carolina mountains get real cold, and how you can only carry so much food and well, you know, you get lonely, after all, and so you don't go wandering off after all.

But new beginnings are pretty sexy. And here is one for me. Seems good so far. I think I will do a Hudson's Bay start though.

The Hudson Bay Company, chartered something like four hundred years ago, began with a mission of provisioning camps and forts in the far reaches of wilderness in New York and Canada. Voyages into the unknown, exciting and perilous. And so the first day they would go only a few miles, and then make camp. Check things out. Do we have what we need? Is the food packed well? Do we have enough whiskey? Anything missing? If anything is awry, we can go back now, in a way we can not in a few days.

So I will start out slowly, with a statement that I miss writing, and that I think it is important to my making. There is nothing in my life that is as important to me as making, in whatever form that takes, and writing is a part of it.

Maybe that is an okay start. We'll camp here, and see what the morning brings.